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Is this what you see when it's time to read? 

It doesn't have to be.  

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  It doesn't have to be.  

 Is this what you see
  when it's time to read? 
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The Active Reader

Unlocking Literacy since 1996

The Active Reader Method is a dynamic, multisensory therapeutic approach to dyslexia that is 100% customized for your child.  Systematic without being scripted, and rigorous without being rote, the Active Reader is proudly partnered with Lexercise, a robust and established online platform designed specifically for dyslexic students.

Who can benefit from The Active Reader Dyslexia Therapy?  Do I need to have a formal diagnosis?

Any student who struggles with reading will benefit from skilled dyslexia therapy, with or without a formal diagnosis.  If you have reason to believe your child may struggle with reading (attention issues, a family history of dyslexia), taking action in preschool or kindergarten can prevent years of heartache and frustration. 

Personal Connection + Video Games

= Authentic Results

The Active Reader goes beyond tutoring to provide targeted, custom-designed instruction designed to be delivered online, either through Lexercise or with The Active Reader Method. Both offer one-on-one instruction and custom-designed video games to make daily practice manageable.

Early intervention is truly life-changing.  The longer you wait to address the problem, the longer it takes to fix it.  So many academic and behavioral challenges arise from foundational skill deficits that can be addressed directly with skilled intervention.  Get to the root of the problem with The Active Reader.


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